Rose Go
Slicing Setting

Step 1

Click Import model to select the 3D model you want to print (STL format), or directly drag the model into the slicing software.

Step 2

On the left, you can resize the model parametrically.
Right click the model to open more options, copy, empty and center, and automatically place the model.

Step 3

After adjusting the model, click the slice button in the lower right corner, and import the slice file. G-code file into the flash drive.

Step 4

After adjusting the model, click the slice(generate G-code) and export the G-code file to the USB flash drive.

Step 5

Adjust adhesion type and support type according to different print models.

Step 6

Click the plus sign to add a new slice setting profile, and then you can set the parameters below.
Last modified 1yr ago